Berthing Aid Systems & Mooring Monitoring

Ship2Shore represents Prosertek S.L. in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Prosertek designs and manufactures one of the most advanced Berthing Aid Systems (BAS) in existence, thanks to their in-house developed Dockmoor software.

This system facilitates vessel monitoring on approach and manoeuvres as well as mooring operations. The Dockmoor system facilitates secure ship berthing while enabling improvements towards safe and effective operations. The BAS comprises a comprehensive display system providing data on how a ship’s berthing (or unberthing) manoeuvre is proceeding in real time. Operators therefore have more information on hand and can take corrective actions in the event that a deviation or problem is detected. The information provided by Dockmoor can be displayed in several ways; These include a digital panel on the dock, remote portable monitors, a screen in the control room or by means of remote website access.