Arch fenders

Arch fenders

Arch fenders, (or sometimes referred to as trapezoidal or V-fenders) are moulded single -piece rubber fenders. They have been in use since the 1960’s and can provide an uncomplicated reliability and trouble-free service for a wide variety of berths, even under extreme conditions. There are two types of arch fender: the first being made solely of rubber, and the low friction faced type which is fitted with UHMW-PE face pads, which are either attached with bolts, or are bonded to the rubber during vulcanisation.

These fenders are used on berths which would receive smaller vessels such as barges, workboats and general cargo ships.

Their limitations would be: That he types without low friction facings would exhibit higher friction against the vessel leading to increased wear rates and undue forces. They produce very high hull pressures, typically between 500 to 1,500kN/m² which is much higher than those allowed for in fender design codes and manuals.


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