Rubber has been the primary ingredient in the production of marine fenders the 1950’s. There have been numerous manufacturers since that time. The following list is by no means exhaustive but includes a few of the once famous names in the industry that are no longer available.

Ship2Shore maintains an extensive library of historic brands and products, and we are able to either offer like-for-like alternatives, or replacements with matching or improved performance characteristics.

Andre Rubber (UK)

HIDAC Fender Spring

R-Type RAKIN Unit

Shear Fender Units

Kleber (France)

DAC Type – Cell Fender

TC Type - Truncated Cone Type

TR Type – Arch Fender

Lord (USA)

F-Series – Buckling Column Fender

Morse (USA)

Buckling Column Fender

Shear Fender

Goodyear (USA)

Extruded Cylindrical, Square & D Fenders



V-Series – Arch Fender

Bridgestone (Japan)

Hyper Cell HC– Cone Type

Super Cell SUC – Cell Type

Dyna Arch DA – Arch Type

Super Arch SA – Arch Type

Burleigh Marine (UK)

Previously Firestone Burleigh

FX Series Wheel Fenders

Roller Fenders

B-Type Axially Loaded Cell

Dunlop (UK)

LP Pneumatic Fenders

Regal (USA)

Shock Cells

Rub Strips for Boat Landings

Seibu (Japan)




Vredestein (Netherlands)

Gigant & Jumbo – Cylindrical Fenders

ALF-Type – Cell Fender

Andre | Bridgestone | Burleigh | Dunlop | Fentek | Goodyear | Kleber | Lord | Morse | Regal | Seibu | Vredestein

The list above is not exhaustive so please enquiry with us if you have other requirements.